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What is Koinly?

Koinly is an organization that will import your crypto transactions and autmomatically calcuate your tax report for the desired year. Goverments are cracking down on crypto investors and their profits, so we want you to be prepared by getting your taxes in order with Koinly. Koinly will connect to all your Wallets either hard or soft wallet and will process this information for your report. Not only does Koinly generate your tax report, it is a platform to which you can monitor all your crypto activies and balances.

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Koinly Description Information

Koinly offer the best prices to meet your needs.

Koinly have a variety of packages that you can choice from that best suit your needs and purpose.

Koinly Description Information

Goverments clamping down on Crypto investors.

Tax crackdowns are happening all over the world in regards to crypto tax invaders. Be on top of your reports with Koinlys automated service.

How to get started with Koinly?

Getting started couldnt be simplier, Just follow the steps below:
  • 1) Click on this link here to go to the signup page.

  • 2) At the top of the page you will see the signup page. Click this which will present to you a couple of ways to signup. You can sign up with your coinbase account, Your google account or simply with your email and password.

  • 3) Once you signup and verify account. You will be presented with a page which will ask you to add all your exchange accounts and wallets. This could be a longlist so make sure you take your time and gather all relevant accounts so you can have the most up to date tax report for your earnings.

  • 4) Once you submit the information above, you will be offered the chance to review the information to make sure its accurate Once done, Koinly will review the information and compile your report for you

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Click here to learn more about Koinly!