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What is Coinmama?

Coinmama is a simple to use Crypto exhange where users can buy and sell various differnet cryptocurrencies. With a verified account, you can simply log on and purchase any Crypto Coin that is availalbe (subject to available funds in your Credit/Debit Card). These coins can then be further exchanged on various Decentrialised exchanges for project tokens. For example, you purchase Fantoms native coin which is Fantom or FTM. Then you go to a website like SpookySwap and then you can exchange your FTM for a host of other tokens ready to invest into a project.

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Description of Coinmama

One of the oldest Exchanges around

Coinmama pride themselves amoung the best at offering users security when buying and selling crypto currencies. You can be sure Coinmama have got you covered in terms of security with over 200 trusted countries Coinmama is currently operating in.

Description of Coinmama

Simple Steps to get started

Buying Crypto coins with coinmama coulding be more easier, simply sign up, verify your details, enter your debit card details and you are all set to making your first purchase!

How to get started with Coinmama?

Signing up couldnt be easier, just follow the steps below :
  • 1. Click on this link here to go to the signup page.

  • 2. Click the signup link on the website which will take you to the signup page. Be sure to have your email address and personal information to hand such as address etc.

  • 3. Enter your email, password and country of residence and then proceed. Next you will need to enter your personal detiails such as name, age, address etc. As this is a financial institution, these details need to be collected to prevent fraudluant activity as well as providing a safe and fair platform.

  • 4. Once all information has been entered, you will need your goverment issued documentation to hand for verification purposes. Once all verification processes are completed, you will be able to upload money and buy crypto coins.

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