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What is RomeDAO?

RomeDAO is a community project with no central team. It's a community project built by and for the community. This means it's up to the community contributors to build a prospering Rome.

The current paradigm of DeFi governance and community participation is centralized and has a low ratio of volunteers to output. We‘re running a grand experiment in gamification as an attempt at making governance both fun and engaging. Our key indicator then is not TVL but rather % of $ROME tokens participating regularly in governance. (III,III) is about more than just staking, it’s about building a better protocol alongside your friends.

The DAO has already self-organized into “houses.” Each house is an organization of aligned contributors who work together to improve RomeDAO. Each house is a DAO within RomeDAO, sub-DAOs if you will. They build together, vote together, and hang out together. For now five houses have already organized which will be contributing to the future of Rome.

  • House of Consuls: a high quality community of policy makers and trend setters
  • House of Chaos: a group of Chaos DAO members whose focus is bringing Rome to the broader Kusama ecosystem
  • House of Grapes: a neutral house that hosts events and provides Rome with its grape supply, upcoming event soon
  • House of Kek: culture, historicity, and a place for the finest memers of RomeDAO
  • House of Sempronia: a product focused house which focuses on design and engineering

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