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What is Human Protocol?

The HUMAN Protocol is a broadly applicable approach to organizing, evaluating, and compensating human labor. It is designed to enable a new generation of machine intelligence to apply human labor to self improvement in order to achieve human parity in task performance. Today this work is commissioned by machine learning practitioners. The protocol’s immediate application is thus to improve the most labor intensive problems in machine learning: making datasets fit for training via annotation and validating model inference quality. While the HUMAN Protocol supports and improves today’s practices, it is engineered for the next evolution of human inputs to machine intelligence: letting machines ask people directly for the data they need to improve.


How Human Protocol Works?

HUMAN Protocol is designed to distribute tasks across the globe in pursuit of more balanced and accurate information. For example, it can look for variation in responses to arrive at a consensus of what’s true: an amalgamation of thousands or millions of perspectives. The network enables automatic objective measurements of all work done. This includes a network of Validators and a two-part oracle system, which securely verifies the successful completion of tasks and the information provided to the network.

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