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CryptoDegen Official Launch!!

CryptoDegen Official Launch!!

Greetings Crypto investors and welcome to CryptoDegen. We are proud to launch our new website which is dedicated to providing the DeFi space with the latest projects together with as much documented information available as possible. Investors can also leave reviews for others to ponder and reflect before they ape in to their next investment.

Over the past few months, there have been a bucket load of projects that have come and gone for various reasons... unsustainability, hacked or simply the project was a scam and the developers rug pulled (ran away with investors money). What ever the case may be, we want to provide the community with as much information we can gather on any specific project. While it is impossible to predict with 100% certainty which projects will last and which will fail. Providing investors with as much information surrounding the project and the project developers, we can begin to make better and well informed decisons before our next investment. One of the members of our team a couple of months ago decided to invest in a now abandonded project called Brig finance. On the same day they invested, the project was abandonded and $$$$ was down the drain instantly.

In the grand scheme of things this loss was not too impactful but it got the rest of us thinking about how to minimise and help others who could be caught in a similar situation in the future

CryptoDegen aims to provide the most up to date information surrounding the DeFI space and its projects. The aim of the game is finanacial freedom... being able to wake up when you want... to be able to travel when and where you want..... to be able to buy and spend what ever you want. If this sounds like the future that you are aspiring to achieve then we seriously reccomend you subscribing to our newsletter for the latest developments in the Crypto world. You dont want to miss out on some of the best Crypto projects on the market. Sign up to our newsletter today and receive 4 FREE PDF's worth a grand total of $60 TOTALLY FREE!!

Be sure to also follow us on twitter, facebook and join our discord channel for the most up to date information regaridng the DeFi space.

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